Celebs Who Said it?

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I’ve made a website for Celebs Who Said It? Lots of content to come. Make sure to check it out here: Celebs Who Said It

Here is the ad for the app. It’s a fun a little thing!


From December 2015 to January 2016, I set out to make a celebs quotes trivia app for iOS.
I made it with Swift and I incorporated Admob, Game Center and an sqlite database with FMDB Wrapper.
I also made the ad above with After Effects and with my own music and voice over.

Available on the App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/celebs-who-said-it/id1059919715?mt=8


Celebs Who Said It? App Store






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Nov 19, 2015.


As of this date, AHRA : KDG has been released on Google Play.

Get AHRA : GDK on Googleplay!!

April 26th, 2015.

These are the last two promotional items that I managed to squeeze out before the end of April:

Below is the latest promotional campaign appropriately themed Glitch Hop Stars Mix.


As you can Imagine, a lot has happened since the last time I updated this page. I can now safely reveal the name of this project otherwise known as Project Falcon. I can finally begin to look beyond the binary encryption and secrecy encapsulated in every piece of current software. For a few weeks it stopped my ability to move forward with this innocent, peaceful project. During this time, I finalized conceptualizing the components that will be the application. meeting the deadline of September 2015 sounds unlikely though I will try to release an early iteration of the application. I just remembered that I have to purchase an iphone 6 as it is going to be the initial target device for this project’s first Phase. Later phases of the project, unfortunately remain classified for the time being. For now, Please browse to the advertising campaign that I managed to muster during these rather turbulent times in the tech and communications industries.

March 2015,


Januanry 12th, 2015 A lot of work has gone into this girl since september. The addition of physics to her hair was long and exhaustive and deciding just on what to animate to continue forward with her marketing campaign was a challenge. A short animation will be released some point in late January. For now here are some promo materials that I am very proud of.

Including her first bootleg mix:  
September 25th, 2014 I didn’t think I’d send a second promo out so soon but I did. I just learned more about cycles rendering on blender so it’s only gonna get better. I am keeping it to 15 seconds since I am focusing primarily on instagram updates for now. Will probably do longer videos for youtube at some point too… find me on instagram : emiliodelacroix
September 24th, I finally unveil the name of the new character. .  click on the image for the first video of my new series of promos

September 13, All of my shapekeys got corrupted. Had to start all over. It really shat on my parade.

September 3rd, Finally got to rigging.

August 20-something
August 20, 2014 It seems like  I took to long to get this far but I was busy making my previous game for Google Play store
July 31st, 2014 Working on the hair. . .
July 29, 2014    
Project llllllllllllllllllll was an undefined concept that a couple of friends and I made back in High School. If there was a concept, I must have forgotten after all these years. However, I am fleshing it out fully in my next mobile game. I will be testing on my S5.  Project llllllllllllllllllll will be an interactive Science Fiction piece. As usual I am craving for something different and I stumbled across the composition shown above as  I modeled the face of “llllllllllllllllllll cadet 112”. I very much feel like Dr. Frankenstein as I go about scavenging for code and assets around the internet to make monstrosities come to life. I am very much influenced by Japan’s pop culture to create AI, cyborgs etc. However, I am also getting inspired by the aesthetics of the blender / mac / xcode (edited: on second thought, wait a minute, I fucking hate Xcode -lol)/ unity UI’s. It’s not futuristic. It’s the present. My original goal is to create beautiful A.I. a being that you can be glad to interact with.
And for any 3D modeling freaks: yes, I deleted all the unnecessary edges to reduce polygon count thank you very much XD. Here is my first concept piece for this project. I wanted to feel immersion from the moment I looked at the folder on my desktop:

Dance Boomi

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June 2015



I began working on this game on my time off from working full time at Siemens. I plan on publishing at the end of July. For now here is a peak at the process to make this possible. I’ve used Unity, Blender, Photoshop and AfterEffects.

The game is available at the app store. Get it here:



I tried every possible way to screen capture the thing but the framerate was too low plus, this was the only way to see the accelerometer in action:

July 18, 2014,








June 27, 2014




June 9th 2014: Smooth shade is much nicer!




April 19, 2014: Animating Dance moves was a great learning experience














Science World Curator App

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About the Project

For User Experience class, My team of three and I were assigned to design an iPad application to help curators at Science World better observe visitor behaviour. The application is designed to help curators observe up to four visitors at a time and easily record information into the form by clicking on the icons only. No writing necessary. The application content was compiled from Science World’s paper curator forms and academic research on  museum visitor engagement.

My role


-Application Designer

What I learned

As a designer, I learned to pack large amounts of information into a concise, organized format that could be easily interpreted by the target demographic. I learned to summarize text with efficient iconography.

As a researcher, I got a chance to look into the field of Museum visitor engagement models and academic trends. I got introduced to John H. Falk renowned visitor model and  I was able to implement this content into a practical app.

Blue and Green Apps

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About the Project

Blue and Green Apps is a Start-up company that began in September of 2012. It began as a Venture Internship, a bran new type of internship at the centre for Digital Media in which students are given support to start a company.  We committed to develop multiplatform applications for promotional purposes. We are currently working on a promotional web application for the Centre of Digital Media and is in the process of acquiring more clients within the Architecture industry. If you have a fast Internet connection You can check out our latest project here: http://projects.gnwc.ca/gnwcpromo/