About the Project

The team created The CDM Promotional tool prototype intended for the digital media community and those interested in being involved in the CDM sub district. It is an interactive, multi platform portal meant to captivate and engage the user in the increasing vibrancy of the CDM culture. In addition, the team also delivered a full promo video which can now be seen on the front page of the Masters of Digital Media Website

My Roles

Video producer- I took a coproduction role and collaborated in the production of the Story Board and script for the video in addition to working with the clients to tailor a video to suit their needs.

Sound Designer- I composed original music for the promotional video

GUI UX Designer – designed Web portal from conception to completion including rapid prototypes, flowcharts, GUI

The following is the very first prototype of what we wanted our application to do. We wanted the user to be able to trigger embedded media in a virtual space to create a rich immersive experience. “Imagine that you were standing in the center of New York times square and you were able to click on the structures and objects around you to find out about the Squares iconic past.”



Photographer – Took panoramic and architectural photographs in addition to editing images using Photoshop

What I learned

I learned to work in alignment with multiple parties. For this project, vision alignment had to be maintained between my team, A real estate development firm, a branding agency and an academic institution. The challenge was to get the different parties involved to agree in the design of the application my team was trying to prototype for them. From a marketing point of view, the goal was established to tell the right story about the site to prospective students, tenants and members of the community. Writing the script for the promotional video solidified my ability to communicate a story from a promotional and informational point of view.

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