The Institution

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About the Project

The Institution is an interactive story built on flash depicting the story of Five main characters on their journey through a mysterious school. The project received various praises among the school.

My Roles

Project Manager- This was my second experience as a project manager during my first semester at the Masters of Digital Media Program. My Style was very hands on and I used an Agile board to manage the many tasks involved in this kind of production.

Creative Director- I played a critical role during the discovery phase of the project. A week and a half was spent brainstorming ideas for the story and the characters. Many ideas were proposed and a “buy in” had to be acquired to proceed into production.

Sound Design – I cowrote the composition at the introduction of the first act with Jasmine Jia. I also wrote and did the voice over for the dialogue for four of the main characters in the story.

What I learned

I learned the most in the field of project management during this project. Time management and scope played a big role and I thing I handled them with great success. One of the greatest rewards was the feeling of satisfaction that my team expressed upon completion of the project.

As a sound designer and voice actor I learned to improvise extensive amounts of dialogue while under pressure. It was very encouraging to hear my teammates laugh as we played back the dialogue in the sound recording studio.

As a creative director I learned that “buy in” can be very difficult to achieve in a team full of creative people. I learned to be persistent and to not lose hold of the original vision while still accommodating some changes during production. Keep in mind that my team and I only had three weeks to fulfill this project.